As the story goes, the valley was rampant with huge, resilient, harty grizzly bears. A bear hunter by the name of William Holcomb was tracking a bear’s blood trail to a creek when he noticed something shining. Holcomb wasn’t looking into the eyes of the bear but he was looking into a creek gleaming with flakes of gold. This took place in the 19th century of this discovery in the backcountry of what is now known as Holcomb Valley. It didn’t take long for others to avast even though William, try as he might to belay keeping his discovery a secret, word spread and Southern California’s creating the largest gold rush. In this valley was bold in limestone ridges home to the botanical diversity covering more than 800,000 acres but located in the valley is where buried treasure would be found. This land was and is a mecca for gold mining. A perfect place for pirates of the time to smartley siege the opportunity to the gold. Arrr customers have always raved about the experience when they walk into the galley. They’ve said it’s better than any plank they’ve ever walked, and the unique experience provided by The Toy Galley is second to none. Memories will be made here with your family and friends alike. Enjoy a pirate movie on TV and enjoy a delightful chat with the owner, as she will tell you all about why she is passionate about the pirate’s life and the ultimate pirate experience.