Designed by way of living in and traveling the Caribbean islands, with it’s turquoise waters. The journey by sail, boats, ships, planes, trains and automobiles while meeting people from all around the world, the landing in Big Bear Lake was duly designated as our “Island In The Sky”. Upon arriving in this majestic place in 1992 our first creation at this port of landing was designing and creating Big Bear Candy Company in 1992 that was a magical Store with barrels of candy for all the pirates with a sweet tooth, for their only tooth. Rrrrrrr! Sold in 2002 the pirates were redirected and when the pirates got restless as they needed a place of trade. The pirate place as many call “The Toy Galley” is ironically located just down Village Drive from the original store. In June of the year 2011, The Toy Galley was born of the land and birthed of the water!! The Toy Galley is located in a land called Big Bear Lake, California San Bernardino looming mountain range that is a long store house for formidable wilderness, peaked at it’s crown a 11, 502 foot Mount San Gorgonio called the old Greyback. This transverse range formed a west-east frontier between the coast to the north where pirates roomed and the Peninsular ranges southward creating a striking elevational range of fantastic botanical diversity. As in days gone by, people near and far still come to visit this treasured home where the pine trees wave with the wind, the lake glistens with the morning sun while the majestic mountains stand tall where The Toy Galley was imagined.