A variety of pines, such as the Ponderosa pine, Jefferey pine, Sugar pine, Coulter pine, Lodgepole Pine, Single-leaf pinyon, Big-cone pine and Knobcone pine all thrive. Its no wonder the native americans called it the Pine Place. The trees hold many a story of the days lost and forgotten. Bright lights illuminate the borders at night. The unique board sitting spot is splattered with stickers from persons contributing to its personality, a billboard so to speak. These were placed along the windows so that those mateys, old salts and buccaneers that are worn from their travels can stop to gather their breath.Rrrrrrrr is for REMEMBER the JOY that you will feel when we step you back in time to that “simpler time” without the cell phones, the Ipads and computers. Experience again that JOY that can not be disputed. Our goal is to put a SMILE on your face as you walk through memory lane surrounded with surprises with the flair of the Caribbean and Pirates treasures that sprinkle the store to enhance your experience. As you walk in The Toy Galley, you will experience the sweet smells, the warm hellos, and the great music which includes the sound of the art such as “Steel” pans and other artists that represent Caribbean culture such as Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffett. Feel free to walk around and take in the sights, the sound, and the smells of the pirate ship experience. Grab your camera and sneak a picture with your favorite pirate, and don’t forget the owner, as she loves to take pictures with the guests.