The unique souvenirs offered at The Toy Galley range from ornamental magnets, the shot glasses, the incense, the sage, the chimes, the candles, the posters, the grogs, the skulls, the pirate flags, the pirate motif, the eye patches, the swords, the bears, the animals, the unicorns, the mermaids, the snakes hanging from the rafters and soooooo much more! You can identify the structure with its sprawling store front with eaves that are lined with the numerus pirate flags that wave in the wind and the breeze of the water blows down this passage. With candles and incense burning, you’ll immediately notice the scent that takes you away. Take your piece of pirate swag home in the form of license plates, posters and even pirate dice. We also offer a variety of headwear, ranging from pirate hats, caps, do rags and bandanas.
If you want to experience the Ultimate Pirate adventure, find your home at The Toy Galley.