As soon as you enter the door, you’ll feel just as home as all the other pirates did on their maiden voyage. For those Pirates that have a sweet tooth, we have a great selection of snacks and candies.The sweet scent of candies along with the smell of sea salt in the air, let you know that you are sitting sale for the greatest foliage across the Caribbean ocean, and you are front and center. With a wide variety of sweets for the pirate with a sweet tooth, we offer Abba Zabbas, Razzles, Wax Bottles, Wax Lips, Big Hunks, Double Bubble, Tootsie Rolls, Candy Cigarettes, Candy Buttons, Big League Chew, Salt Water Taffy, Fudge and many more to fill that sweet tooth void! The babies just seem to take all of the experience as you just try to imagine what they are thinking with the movements of all the hearties. Old fashioned bottled drinks such as Dad’s root beer, along with the frozen ice cream. We also offer the highest quality of Coffee that is co-branded with the oldest coffee company in the United States. The Island in the sky is delivered from Gilleys at both of our ports of entry. This will have the hearties raving throughout the town.